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Fatal brain aneurysm in 37-year-old actress Queenzy Cheng

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TPO – Queenzy Cheng suddenly felt unwell and had difficulty breathing while filming. When the ambulance arrived, she had passed away. After about 30 minutes of feeling dizzy, tired, and vomiting, Queenzy Cheng suddenly died. Ettoday newspaper reported that on the evening of November 29, relatives confirmed that the cause of Queenzy Cheng’s death was “brain aneurysm”.

37-year-old actress Queenzy Cheng suffered a brain aneurysm

According to  China News , Queenzy Cheng’s sister confirmed the above information. According to the report, the doctor said Queenzy Cheng had a headache and vomited after drying her hair. The symptoms are clearly related to the head and nerves. Aneurysms in the brain are often not easy to detect and can only be detected by computed tomography (CT Angiography).

Queenzy Cheng truoc luc qua doi

Queenzy Cheng before her death

The doctor continued to explain that aneurysms often occur when working tiredly, not sleeping well, high blood pressure or when you dry your hair at too high a temperature, the blood vessels cannot circulate and explode immediately. Immediately, blood continues to flow to the brain, the heart rate will be faster. When pressure increases, symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting will appear. This disease may be hereditary, so family members with a history of related diseases should be more careful.

Dr. Datuk Ye Changzu, former president of the Malaysian Medical Association of Johor state, also said that in addition to genetics, causes of aneurysm include arterial malformations, alcoholism, drug overdose, head trauma or infection. infection, tumor. 

Previously,  Ettoday newspaper reported that Malaysian actress and singer Queenzy Cheng passed away while filming. When the ambulance arrived, she was not breathing. On Queenzy Cheng’s official page with hundreds of thousands of followers, an article was posted:  “With heavy hearts, we would like to announce that famous Malaysian singer Queenzy Cheng passed away peacefully on the 28th. /11. Queenzy is loved by everyone for her emotional voice, especially her joyful, traditional Lunar New Year songs that bring endless laughter and warmth to everyone.”

Queenzy Cheng was born in 1986 and debuted at the age of 8. After that she also participated in various beauty and singing contests. She formed a girl group called M-Girls in 2001. According to  Borneo Post , M-Girls’ debut album and subsequent releases won many awards. M-Girls were quickly dubbed the SHE of Malaysia. Their album is not only one of the best sellers in Malaysian Lunar New Year album history but also in the Asian region. To date, M-Girls has released more than 17 albums.

A brain aneurysm can cause sudden death but is completely predictable

Previously, many patients were consulted by the Stroke Prediction Center  , predicting the risk of stroke and even death from patients discovered to have a brain aneurysm .


78 year old female patient, 15 year history of hypertension, coronary artery stenosis and 10 year history of stent placement. On January 21, 2023 (ie December 19 of the 2022 lunar calendar), the patient suddenly had a moderate headache, no nausea, and because he knew the doctor, he went to see a doctor. Arriving at the Stroke Prediction Center, Dr. Nguyen Van Tuan advised the patient’s family and ordered a  cerebral arteriogram  to examine the pulse.

Cerebral aneurysm

Surprisingly, with the results of a cerebral magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), the patient had a  rather large brain aneurysm  in the left internal carotid artery area, a pumpkin-shaped aneurysm with a long and clear neck, and a large aneurysm size of 6 mm. mm, length 16 mm and pocket neck 4 mm. This is a very dangerous aneurysm, the root ruptures due to the enlarged aneurysm, narrow neck, long trunk, located on a large artery, the internal carotid artery. If this aneurysm ruptures, the risk of sudden death is 15% and the risk of disability is >50%.

Can be used to fix the machine

Cerebral aneurysm on DSA film

DSA cerebral aneurysm

DSA cerebral aneurysm

Patients are advised to undergo arterial intervention as soon as possible, because the possibility of rupture of the aneurysm is very high and the time of rupture is close and unpredictable. Even though it was the 24th lunar month (preparing to celebrate the Year of the Cat), the family still had to take the patient for vascular intervention at Central Military Hospital 108. The patient had a stent placed through the aneurysm, with the purpose of reversing the aneurysm. In the direction of flow, blood will stay in the aneurysm, form a blood clot, gradually fibrose and seal, causing the aneurysm to disappear.

Which circuit does the stent move to?

Brain aneurysm intervention at 108 Central Military Hospital

So the patient escaped, the whole family happily celebrated the Year of the Cat, the patient was extremely grateful and acknowledged the very valuable advice of the doctor and the Center for Stroke Prediction and Prevention. Brain. 

“Saving a person’s life is a blessing ,” Buddhism has said. Center for Forecasting – Brain Stroke Prevention is very happy to contribute to the rescue of a Buddhist who is about to suffer from a hidden cerebral aneurysm in the brain. Everyone be very careful, don’t be subjective with yourself and your family, whatever you can do, you should do right away, otherwise when the bomb explodes you won’t be able to regret it. 

Brain stroke rehabilitation

Brain stroke rehabilitation

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